Food Ingredients

The following food ingredients should be avoided by all Muslims and care should be exercised whist doing your shopping:
1. Alcohol
2. Animal Shortening*
3. Animal Fat *
4. Bacon
5. Broth* (from animals)
6. Enzymes*: Microbial Enzymes are okay
7. Ethanol 8. Ethyl alcohol
9. Gelatine/Gelatin*
10. Gin
11. Ham
12. L-cysteine (if from human hair)
13. Lard
14. Lipase*: Only animal lipase should be avoided
15. Pepsin
16. Rennet*: All forms should be avoided except for plant/microbial/synthetic.
17. Rum
18. Stock* (from animals)
19. Wine
20. Tallow*
21. Vanilla Extract/Flavour
22. Whey*: Should be avoided unless the rennet used in its production is plant/microbial/synthetic.

* May be consumed if from Halal, Zabihah, animals Look out for these food ingredients when you shop. Always remember to read the food ingredients before you buy any food product. If in doubt, leave out!