• Congregants (Musallis) are most welcomed in the Musalla for the purpose of Islamic Worship and attendance for all approved programs.

      • The Musalla is governed by the Code of Conduct in accordance with Quran and Sunnah and with Hanafi School of thoughts.

      • Management is not responsible for views expressed by anyone on the PREMISES.

Following code of conduct is to be practiced as approved by the Management to facilitate worship in peace and harmony as well as to ensure safety of the attendees and the Musalla property.
Without the permission of the Management:

          • NO personal and/or private activities are permitted
          • NO individual and/or group teaching, preaching, Halaka of any kind is permitted
          • NO distribution of flyers, literature, any materials, including food or clothing, posting and/or placement of flyers, signs, notices, banners, posters, etc.
          • NO sales or distribution of food products or any merchandise anywhere on the Musalla property is allowed
          • NO food or drinks are allowed in the prayer area
          • NO fund raising and/or soliciting of any kind
            Adhan and/or leading Prayers (Imamat) shall be by appointment only
          • NO sleeping in the Musalla or anywhere on the property or overnight stay on the Musalla property
          • NO lectures, public speaking, announcement of any kind, speeches or use of PA systems etc.
          • NO foul language to be used on the premises; and arguments, disputes, or other disruptions

Any exception to the above must be approved by the Management.

All rights are reserved by the management. Violation of the above code of conduct will not be tolerated and will be dealt with the appropriate Law Enforcement.